2023 Memberships Rate

Our members have the luxury of enjoying our golf course all season long, if your interested in obtaining a membership please refer to our rates below. You can contact us directly.

18 Holes Membership Fees of 2023 (Sept. 20to Nov. 7 of 2022)


Membership Types Whole Day Afternoon (After 2:00 PM)
Green fee Price Green fee Price
Single Weekday  $1,300.00 $650
Single FULL $1,560.00 $780
Couple Weekday $2,210.00 N/A
Couple FULL $2,730.00 N/A


18 Holes Shared Cart Pass 2023( Sept. 20 to Nov.7 of 2022)


Cart pass types Whole Day Afternoon (After 2:00 PM)
Single Weekday $675 $550
Single FULL $775 $650
Couple Weekday $1,350 N/A
Couple FULL $1,550 N/A


  • * The green fee is same as last year; membership and car pass can be separate.                             
  • * Buy a 2023 membership now, become a 2022 member immediately, and get 10% off on golf simulator at Horseshoe Valley golf zone in this year winter.
  • * Once a day per member with check in at pro-shop & make sure to book in advance.
  • * The Muffin and the Coffee is free for member from 7:00 Am to 10:00 Am at every open day.
  • * HST is Not included in Above Price.

All rates and dates are subject to change without notice.

We accept Cash, Debit, VISA and Mastercard.


  • Membership not valid for tournament play.
  • Membership with power cart is valid for one 18 hole round per day.
  • 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of any Tee time.
  • Members with 3 guests automatically attend the Hole-In-One & Lucky Draw.
  • Reservations can be made up to five days in advance。
  • Weekday Memberships not valid on holidays weekends.