– The contest players do not include full-time and part-time employees of Trehaven golf and country club.

– The contest players do not include members from Trehaven golf and country club.

– The contest players do not include any Free-player and 9-hole player.


The Rules:

– The contestants need to book their 18-hole tee-time on the website/over the counter before the contest.

– The contestants can participate in the hole-in-one contest and lucky-draw-event activities at the same time.

– The hole-in-one winner must return to Pro-shop in 5 minutes to claim the prize when Win the contest.

– The contestant only has 30 minutes after finishing 18 holes to participate in the Lucky Draw Activity in Pro-shop.

– The contestants must group in 4 golfers include members as witnesses.

– The contestants must have three witnesses in the same group.

– The Pro-shop is responsible for explaining the contest rules and stopping the contest at any time.


The reward:

– $1000: the contestant can get  $1000 cash prize for Hole-in-One on the 18th hole.

– $100: the contestant can get $100 cash prize for Lucky-draw.


Reward Requirements:

– The contest winner must have three witnesses’ signatures on the form from the same group after they win and their name must matched on tee-time sheet.

– The Hole-in-one winner must be justified by Camera on video record in Pro-shop.

– The lucky-draw winner must have the serial number of the short side and long side matched after they played 18 holes.

– The lucky-draw winner must take a picture with the Pro-shop employee.

– The winner can get the prize in cash based on Pro-shop’s Signed paper after they win.

– The winner cannot be not recognized if any of the requirements and rules above are missed.