Lucky Draw Activity in 2022

Activity Rules

  1. During the period from  Apr 15th,  2022 to the end of season of 2022.
  2. During the event, every customers can get into the draw with a ticket, once its serial number matches the only ticket you take in the lucky box, you win the prize.
  3. Daily Award Setting:

            $50 cash of each winner that checks in before 3 P.M.;

            $100 cash of each winner that checks in after 3 P.M..

            *Pro-shop worker will take a picture with the winner.

  1. All Golfers can take the ticket in the lucky box in 30 minutes at the pro-shop after they finish the whole 18 holes.
  2. Customers who owns Trehaven Membership or is the employee of Trehaven Golf cannot join the Lucky Draw activity.
  3. The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to Trehaven Golf.