Call Trehaven Golf Course Starting Today Until Saturday at 705 487 3220

Book with our front desk any twosome for $99.99 or A foursome for $199.99 and pay CASH on arrival on Sunday Father’s Day.

Limited spots available.


To make this smoother 1person paying would really help speed things up for this SPECIAL.


Savings on Time Passes

Time Passes

Times Pass is on sale right now, we offer a great deal on it. 

Type 1

18-Hole Times Pass for Weekday (Monday- Friday) Afternoon (After 2:00)

Time Passes   Green Fee 1/2 Cart Pass
5 Times    $          110.00  $            60.00
10Times    $          220.00  $          110.00
20Times    $          400.00  $          200.00
30Times    $          550.00  $          280.00

Type 2

9-Hole Times Pass for Weekday (Monday- Friday) Afternoon (After 3:00 PM.)

Time Passes   Green fee 1/2 Cart Pass
5 Times    $            85.00  $            40.00
10Times    $          160.00  $            75.00
20Times    $          300.00  $          140.00
30Times    $          420.00  $          190.00
  • Can Get 10% off on golf simulator at Horseshoe Valley Golf Zone in this Winter.
  • Time Passes from right now to end of 2022 Trehaven Golf Season.
  • Can Buy Time Passes without Cart Pass.
  • Cannot be used on holidays
  • HST is not Included in Above Price. Pay at Pro-shop.
  • Contact number: +17054873220      Email: info@trehavengolf.ca

Golf for fun?

Traditionally if you wanted to play golf you would join a club and play in competitions to get a handicap. This would let you play in more competitions and you would normally play the same course week after week…

Times are changing.

As more limitations are placed on our personal recreation time many people now want to play with a group of friends for fun – not with a group of strangers in a competition.
Read the full article here: http://www.letsgetgolfing.com/getting-started-at-golf/golf-for-fun/

Why is playing Golf good for your Health?

Although golf is often seen as a leisurely sport and one enjoyed by those who aren’t into hardcore sports, it’s actually a great form of exercise. Studies prove that people who get at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 3 to 4 days a week reduce their risk of heart disease, stroke, bone disease, and arthritis. For golfers who carry their own clubs, golf offers both cardio and weight bearing exercise. Since many golf games take between two and four hours, you can get the recommended amount of exercise with just one golf game.
– Cardiovascular Exercise
– Improved Sleep
– Mental Health
Read the full article here: http://www.walkthewalkpresents.com/why-playing-golf-is-good-for-your-health.php